We are offering school experience weeks again in the autumn term

Get 5 days experience in school which will help you to prepare for teacher training applications and help you decide which age group you want to teach.

Following on from our successful Passport to Teaching programme in 2017-18, we will be offering a week's experience from 8-12 October and again from 12-16 November. Contact us to find out more about the programme and book a date that suits you.

If you have not got a lot of time to spare, you might prefer the one day school experience at first.

We subscribe to the DfE's School Experience Programme. Once you have registered with the Get into Teaching website, you can book on to the school experience days on offer.There is a small administrative fee of £10. We run days at St Francis Xavier, the Lead School in the alliance. Our days in September are fully booked, but we have added extra days in October and November, so take the opportunity to book now. If you would like additional days to the single day experience or experience at a partner school we can arrange that through our Passport to Teaching programme above.

Passport to Teaching school experiences are available at our partner secondary schools too

If you would like a week with one of our secondary partners, tailor-made to your subject interests, then contact Elaine on 0121 552 1485 or leave your email details on the Contact Us tab and Elaine will get back to you. You can take the week as 5 separate days if that fits your commitments more closely or you can arrange just one day's experience, it's up to you.

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